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  1. License and information packet:  Upon issuance of your LCSWA license, you will receive a packet of information (license packet) along with your license.  Do not begin practice until you receive your license and appropriate LCSW supervision is in place. Read all information thoroughly to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and expectations associated with your license.
  2. Supervision:  Supervision must be in place before you begin clinical practice. Without specific written approval from the Board, supervision must be provided by an LCSW with a MSW degree and two years of post LCSW clinical practice experience, AND who is in good standing with this Board.  Supervision must be face-to-face, AND at the rate of at least 1 hour of supervision for every 30 hours of clinical practice.

    With your LCSW Supervisor, review all materials; complete the Position Statement on Clinical Supervision, and submit the signature page along with your signed Emergency Crisis Plan as outlined in the Supervisor Manual [available on the website at ].  You will not receive an acknowledgement or reply from the Board office.
  3. Employment & Private Practice:  An Employment Verification form must be submitted for each place of employment and must include an attached job description.  If your proposed practice setting will be within the private arena (anything other than a state or local government owned and operated program) even if services are by contract with the Local Management Entity (LME), please submit a request for Board approval of the practice arrangement to ensure they comply with statute and rules governing clinical practice by associate licensees.  The approval request packet is available on the Board’s website.
  4. Continuing Education: Upon receipt of your license, you should begin exploring and participating in continuing education activities that are designed to enhance your professional skills. The Board allows discretion in selecting attended training events, provided they satisfy the guidelines set forth in the Administrative Code [21 NCAC 63.0401], but mandates that distance education courses must be offered by pre-approved providers [ASWB-ACE or NCSWNC are the only Board approved providers for distance education.]
  5. Report to the Board every Six Months:  Review the dates assigned to you for reporting your practice to the Board. Note them on your calendar to remind you of when to submit your LCSWA Six-Month Review form to the Board.  Each should be submitted in a timely manner on or near the assigned date. [Reporting to the Board every 6 months is required by law and failure to do so may result in action being taken against your license.]
    1. If you have more than one employer, an Employment Verification form must be on file with the Board office for each place of employment, including an attached job description.
    2. If you have more than one employer you must submit a Six-Month Review form for each place of employment.
    3. If you have not engaged in clinical practice during the review period, you are still required to report to the Board by submitting the LCSWA Six-Month Review form indicating that you were not engaged in clinical practice during the review period.  No supervisor evaluation is required if you have not engaged in clinical practice.

      The original signature LCSWA Six-Month Review must be received into the Board office.  DO NOT FAX or send electronic copies.  They will not be processed and are an added expense to the Board.  

      You will not be notified in writing upon completion of our review; unless additional information is required or compliance concerns are noted.   You and your supervisor should retain copies of your review forms submitted for accrual of your supervision hours and clinical practice hours. While you are no longer required to submit a case narrative to the Board with the Six-Month Review document, you are required to prepare a narrative for review with your supervisor. This narrative shall be retained by the supervisor and available to the Board upon request.  

      Please do not call the Board office to check on receipt of your information.  If you wish to know whether or not materials were received in the office, please send them by traceable mail (FedEx, certified mail, delivery confirmation, etc.).  We receive hundreds of calls every day and we are happy to answer questions and field queries; however, telephone requests to check on receipt of information delays all other processing.
  6. Change of Supervisor/Employment:  If you change employment, please submit an updated Employment Verification form. If you change supervisors at any time during your Associate licensure period, you are required to submit a newly signed position statement providing the supervisor’s information. An updated Emergency crisis plan should be submitted for any change in employment and/or supervision. 
  7. Clinical Exam required:  Prepare early and take it as soon as possible.  You receive exam approval for 2 years when your LCSWA is issued.   To sit for the exam, send in your processing fee of $40.00 by money order or certified check (addressed to NCSWCLB) to the Board office at P.O. Box 1043, Asheboro, NC 27204, along with the bottom section of the Exam Candidate Approval letter received in your license packet.  We process the exam fees on a daily basis and will send you a letter with the information to begin the registration process.

    If you fail to pass the Clinical exam you may submit another exam processing fee for the same amount ($40) to request re-examination.  The Exam Board requires that you wait 90 days between testing attempts.  You MUST take and pass the Clinical exam during your initial two years of licensure.  Failure to do so will make you ineligible for renewal; and, you will be required to apply for a new Associate license, you will not be able to carry over previously accrued practice and supervision hours, and you will be required to pass the clinical exam before receiving the new associate license.
  8. Moving from LCSWA to LCSW:  When you have completed all requirements for LCSW [No less than two years/3000 hours of supervised clinical practice, with a minimum of 100 hours of supervision, and passed the ASWB Clinical exam], you may submit the LCSW Short Form application, $115 application fee, documentation of required CE activity, and your final 6 month review.  LCSW Short Form applications are given priority processing.  PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST SATISFY TWO YEARS OF SUPERVISED PRACTICE BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR SHORT FORM APPLICATION.  IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO RENEW YOUR LCSWA IF YOUR SUPERVISION DID NOT BEGIN IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOUR WERE ISSSUED YOUR LCSWA.