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May 30, 2017


REGULATIONS/RULES UPDATE:  Seven (7) Rules affecting social work certification and licensure were adopted or amended and went into effect February 1, 2017. A summary of each Rule affected is provided below; however, social workers are encouraged to read the Rule in its entirety to insure compliance. Please be reminded that the changes are effective the date the Rule becomes effective and are not retroactive.

New Rules Adopted under 21 NCAC 63

21 NCAC 63 .0214 CERTIFICATION AND LICENSURE FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL AND MILITARY SPOUSES: This rule was adopted in accordance with the Occupational Licensing Board Statute [NC Gen. Stat. 93B-15.1] to provide for expediting licensure for military and military spouse applicants.

21 NCAC 63 .0610 CONTINUANCES: This rule was adopted to provide information to social workers involved in a contested case matter and wish to request a continuance when additional time is needed to prepare for an administrative hearing.

Rules that were Amended under 21 NCAC 63:

21 NCAC 63 .0102 DEFINITIONS: This rule was amended to alphabetize the listing, to clarify the definition of “Probation” and to define two additional terms, “Client” and “Client System” as they relate to social work practice in North Carolina.

21 NCAC 63 .0204 REFERENCES: The Rule is amended to provide clarification that applicants for the associate license must provide at least one reference from someone who is or has supervised the applicant in a social work setting. Applicants for LCSW license by comity will no longer require a reference from a supervisor, but must provide at least one reference from a registered, certified, or licensed social worker who is currently practicing in a social work setting. 

21 NCAC 63 .0211 WORK EXPERIENCE: Several amendments were made to this Rule.

21 NCAC 63 .0401 CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Several significant changes were incorporated to amend this rule in response to feedback received from practitioners.

21 NCAC 63 .0505 RELATIONSHIPS WITH COLLEAGUES: This Rule was also amended in several ways:


NEW WEBSITE COMING:  The Board’s website is being revised and visitors to the website can expect to see a revamped, more user-friendly website in the not-too-distant future. The new site design will include online submission for many activities, including certification and licensure renewal.  While this is not an option this year, we are hopeful to have online renewal and many other features in place by the end of the 2017 calendar year.


Renewal Season Is Here!

June 30th marks RENEWAL time for many licensees and certificate holders. Download your Renewal Affidavit from the blue box to the right on the home page, or under the appropriate dropdown menu (LCSW Associates OR Certification and Licensure tab)

More than 3500 social workers certified or licensed by this Board will be required to renew their credential on or before June 30, 2017. Postcard reminders were sent to the address of record for those individuals early in April. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CERTIFICATE TO VERIFY YOUR EXPIRATION DATE.

As always, renewal of your certification or license requires documentation of continuing education activity that occurred during the certification/licensure period. Please review the Board’s Position Statement on Continuing Education to insure your CE activity is compliant with regulatory guidelines.

ANNUAL CE AUDIT REMINDER: The Board conducts an annual audit of CE activity reported for renewal. Do not attach certificates to your Renewal Affidavit; however, maintain a copy of your Renewal Affidavit AND your certificates verifying attendance or participation for all reported CE activity as you will be asked to submit that information if you are selected for audit.

Renewals are processed on a daily basis and are expedited if you clearly provide all of the required information. Please do not contact the Board office to confirm receipt of your renewal information. If you wish to insure your information has been received, send it via traceable mail, such as delivery confirmation or certified mail, return receipt requested.



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