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Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets eight times during the year beginning at 9:30 am, unless otherwise indicated and usually on the first Friday of the month.  Unless otherwise specified, meetings take place at the Administrative Office located at 1207 S. Cox Street, Suite F, in Asheboro, NC.

Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Public Meetings Law [NCGS § 143: Article 33C] and are open to the public, although the Board may go into closed session as allowed to address some matters.


Meeting Calendar for the remainder of 2016:

Friday, November 4

Friday, December 2 – convene at 8:30am

Meeting Calendar 2017

Friday-Sunday, February 3-5 Board Retreat – offsite: convene at 1:30pm on Friday

Friday, March 3 - convene at 8:30am

Friday May 5 - convene at 8:30am

Friday, June 2 - convene at 8:30am

Friday, August 4

Friday, September 15

Friday, November 3

Friday December 1

Review and approval of applications are done on a regular basis by the Administrative Office staff, although may be referred to the Board for further consideration as needed.  Licensure by comity may require additional processing time as the jurisdictional mandates completed must be carefully reviewed to ensure substantial equivalency to N.C. requirements.